A film by David Lynch

Cast: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph

David lynch did this film as is first feature and it became a cult film  in an instead. It is a surreal suburban horror film. Anybody would give you a different version of what this film is about no doubt. A repressed man with  frizzy hair father a deformed child, The mother leaves him, unable to cope with the child’s crying. The father is plagued with nightmares in which his severed head is sold to a pencil company to be used as erasers. He has an affair with the Beautiful Girl Across the Hall, who then cuckolds him. In a fit of petulance, the father unwraps the swaddling bandages of his baby, only to find that they are part of the baby’s flesh. In an electrical storm, he is transported to another place with the Lady in the Radiator. Technically the film is a walking nightmare of fear of being a father and of the industrial world. The escape is the weird blonde woman in the radiator. The cinematography is brilliant it is like an industrial waste land. You can watch this film every time and get a different story every time that what’s so cool about it. Lynch is  a genius at it as you can see from the film. It is original and a master piece. David Lynch refuses to say anything about Eraserhead (1977) because he wants to let viewers decide for themselves what they think it means. By the way it took 5 years to make this film with many set rebuild. I remember seeing this film with one of my best friend, she the movie was over we look at each other and I said was that a weird film or what? What was it about? so we decided to watched it again. Too funny.




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