A film by David Gordon Green

Cast: Al Pacino, Holly Hunter, Chris Messina

Here is a story a man who was left heartbroken by a woman and himself got lost many years ago, an eccentric locksmith despite his lack of social skills is trying to get back his life with the help of a friend.

Al Pacino delivers a terrific performance here after all he is this iconic actor (one of my favorite actor) who carries this film with Holly Hunter who delivers a wonderful performance as well. It took years for them to make a film together. For some reasons to me it is a gritty feel thought the film. Manglehorn (Al Pacino) who lacks of social still has been dump by a woman, he spent his days working as a locksmith and writing to her about his life. For years he is trying to rekindle the friendship that is deeply damage with his son. He sees his grandchild one in a while. Here is a man who is broken by love and hates himself as well as the world. He has to let go one thing in order to move on. In the meantime Dawn (Holly Hunter) a teller is trying to get his attention and wants something more. you follow Manglehorn thought out his daily routine and little miracles will present themselves in the front of him. His choice, he takes it or not. He eats at the same buffet table everyday, god I hate those buffet lunches or dinner thank got i have better food in France although in Chicago, New York, and Boston there is some good food in the US. There is some awkward moment at times but there are there for a reason. I love the fact that there is a little bee hive under the mailbox and bees are circling around his mailbox pay attention at the end of the film what he does it has a significance there.  Terrific little story here with a great cast.

Manglehorn (2014)


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