A film by Christopher Nolan

Cast: Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw, Lucy Russell

Here is the first film by Nolan who had a tiny budget to film this film so it is in black and white. It is only 70 minutes long and that is just fine now days they are longer than shot and lost of them are no that good. Here is a film well written by Nolan. It has imagination and to top it all off it is a master piece. The budget was $6,000 so I gather and it will become a classic. It is in a nonlinear that’s how he told the story and it flows just fine.

A young writer has a writer’s block and he is bored out of his mind. He started to follow people to get inspired, woman caught his attention so he goes from there. Things start to go downhill from there and yes there is a femme fatale in the mix. The scheme is the burglary that is going to follow. The writer is clueless of what he is walking into. He trust the femme fatale and the other man too quickly although they are convincing as hell. You have it all the deception, the manipulation and the nonlinear story telling. Even the techno music is awesome in this film good choice here. To me it is a great pulp story and a great film to start a career of Nolan.




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