Farewell party  (2014)

A film by Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon

Cast:  Ze’ev Revach, Levana Finkelstein, Aliza Rosen

We just got this little jewel here in France  and it is a well written film that to me you must see. Trust me on that one there is a time where we all going to get old hopefully we will age as gracefully as possible for some of us. Luckily for me I have good genes so that would be a problem.

In a retirement home in Jerusalem, an old man makes daily phone calls to an old lady, pretending to be God to show her that she can not die right away, due to lack of available places in heaven . Loving husband and creator of more or less outlandish inventions, will try to help with four other friends, to make  a friend who has been suffering from an illness to make the transition to the after life.

farewell party (2014)

Here is drama of kindness treating a rare and delicate subject: euthanasia. Keep in mind that Euthanasia is illegal in most country and the subject is rare in film. Farewell Party is a dark comedy that tackle such subject with kindness as i said. It is a controversial subject in most countries although I do believe that there is some countries where it is legal. Remember Doctor Kevorkian there was a lot of controversy behind what he did and a lot of religious group did not like what he was doing.

Yehekzel (Revach) is the one who thinks a lot and has some great ideas. He figures out to make a machine to end the life of someone like his friends to end their life because they are suffering of a terminal illness. his wife however does not think it is a good idea because she sees it has murder. There is a little twist in the story (and no I am not revealing it) But later she changes her mind about it. There is a musical number in it which is a little weird and I don’t know why the director put it in. It is a film full of humor and I will give you a warning there is nudity yes old folks nude? I am getting you this warning so you don’t get a heart attack. The cast fits perfectly well here and not they are not well-known anywhere but their country. It is going to appeal to older audiences not so much for the young one. Plus the film has different view-point. It will be in the US In may So take a look at this one. It is worth it.



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