MS. 45 (1981)


A film by Abel Ferrara

Cast: Zoë Lund, Bogey, Albert Sinkys

Here is a film that I discover and I have not seen it until now. A cool film that I got for $5. The acting is not too bad some of it it is good. Here it goes Thana (Zoe Lund) is a timid mute  woman who lives in New York. On the way home she gets rape in an alley and raped again when she goes home by a burglar she manages to get loose and kill him with an iron. She puts him in the bath tub and saw him in pieces that she discard in the garbage and around the city nag by bag. She goes berserk after finding the gun that the burglar had you guessed it it is a 45. She goes around New york and kills men.

The scenes are very colorful with bright collar back in the late 70’s early 80’s that was the big thing. Thana has no friends she is a little strange she lives by a noisy neighbor who is trying to help her but Thana won’t have it. She will kill men any men they make a bad remark or flirt with them band they are dead. Ferrara has done a nice job directing this film by having Thana mute so you can see the visual it is purely visual the scene with Thana, it is a little gory but not that much. the cinematography is great showing the crisp city of New York back alley and bad neighborhoods. Lund who plays Zoe has done an outstanding job in this one unfortunately for her she died in 1999 due to a heart and lungs failure due to heroin use in Paris France. It has become cult film classic. the music score is really good it fits the film well. Think about it for a minute than there was the revenge male film cult classic death wish, they are some what similar.

MS45_Screengrab03 copy

Ms 45


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