Submarine (2010)

A film by Richard Ayoade

Cast: Craig Roberts, Sally Hawkins, Paddy Considine

Oliver Tate (grain roberts) is a rather a dull boy. He dreams that everyone appreciates him , fantasizes about the tribute that he would make to his friend when he died. In reality, Oliver was rather lonely, but will finally find a girlfriend: Jordana, a girl a little strange …

The story is told in a form of a diary of a teenager but with a point of view of an adult. Submarine is raw  a portrait of a teenager who has in mind this summer to lose his virginity, and  save his parents marriage. He is suspecting his mother to have an affair with an old flame who live across the street from his house. In the process he gets a girlfriend who is a little strange. The story is narrated by Oliver her who is a typical teenager with raging hormones and a fear that his parents might divorce. it is a light heated comedy done well, you will not laugh out loud here of have tears in you eyes from laughing so hard, You will have a soft smile on you face. It i s Richard Ayoade’s debut feature about the  turmoil of an adolescent brings a fresh, appealing voice to a subject adapted from Joe Dunthorne’s novel. Split into three parts plus an epilogue, the first is the relationship with his classmate Jordana Bevin (Yasmin), second he thinks that is mother is having an affair and try to reconstruct the relationship with his mother and father, the third is the epilogue. Here you have it a comedy coming of age and I guaranty you will have a good time.


Submarine (2010)


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