A film by Bruno Podalydès

Cast: Bruno Podalydès, Sandrine Kiberlain, Agnès Jaoui

English title: The sweet Escape.

Trapped at his surprised birthday organized by his brother and wife Michel (Bruno Podalydés) has a hard time to show his enthusiasm when he receives 3 hour of flying lessons. He has this passion for planes ever since he was a kid. A gift that should make him smile and jump up and down but unfortunately  not enough to get him out of his melancholy. One day on his computer his see a kayak suddenly a light went on and now wants to kayak down the river until he reaches the sea.

Michel who is going to take a trip along kayaking down the river finds out that being along and kayaking is not what it’s cracked up to be. The first day of hard day of rowing (if you want to call it that) Michel stumble in a bed and breakfast. He finds himself in a charming place where there is some strange characters and some how after leaving in the morning find he is way back to the bed and breakfast. Here is an original comedy writing and directed by Bruno Podalydés that is natural and original that feels like it is a Wes Anderson film. it is a different kind of road film here , it is going down river instead , with beautiful scenery at that after all it was filmed in  France. Here it is I think to me anyway that Michel wants to be along on his trip after all his kids are out of the house and Michel does feel a middle age crisis coming on. The colorful characters comes in and out of the pictures here and are a little eccentric. Here is a dark subject treated a la light comedy with a weird ending.


comme un avion


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One thought on “COMME UN AVION (2015)

  1. Nice! I will try to fish this one out.


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