A film Diastème

Cast: Alban Lenoir, Samuel Jouy, Paul Hamy

Marco Lopez (Alban Lenoir) is a skinhead. He spent times with his friends beats up on people who is not his race and put posters of the extreme right party. A time passes by his rage beginning to leave him. He gets a panic attack one day and start to think maybe it is not a good idea to keep going like he does. He finally begins to enter in to society and in the working force, nut somehow he struggle torn up between his friends who are still in the group.

Now there were a drastic reduction in showing this film in France because of the negative subject. Un Français is based on real event, it is the story of Marco the history of the far-right who clashes with punks and skins heads, in 1984 to the death of Morrocan Brahim Bouarram who was drowned in the River Seine in 1998 after a beating by a FN member All this by way of former FN leader Jean-Marie Le Pen’s presidential bid in 1988. Marco had a problem with a skinhead friend who was wanted to get in politics, later he was tired of the senseless violence and the anger turned to rage  and also on day he had a panic attack, therefore he decided to take a back seat and get out of the skinheads life. You see his journey where he struggles with it and see his old friends ending up dead or in jail. At the time when he was younger he enjoyed the rage and violence towards people but he comes with a price and Marco here saw that and does not want a part of it any more. Diastènme does not glorify the violence here or condoned it, he shows it at his purest form in a shocking and provocative way. Also showing the ties that the Nazis has with the FN party. Yeah! it is a scary thing and I think that is why some theaters has pull the film out of their theaters, they are reluctant because of the subject matter. It is worth taking a look.




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