La bataille de la montagne du tigre (2014)

A film by Hark Tsui

Cast: Hanyu Zhang, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Kenny Lin

The story is based on the novel Tracks in the Snowy Forest by Qu Bo. The story goes like this it is the conflict between the People’s Liberation Army of China and a gang of bandits. While Yang Zirong (1917-1947) is based on the real-life person, the other hero of the story are fictional. It became the tenth highest-grossing film of all time in China.

The story is set in China in 1946. A gang who is dreadful as well as powerful led by Hawk (Tony Leung Ka Fai). He has at least 1,000 bandits and is based on the remote and well-defended Tiger Mountain. A People’s Liberation Army (PLO) squad of thirty-some Communist soldiers are led by a captain code-named 203 (Lin Gengxin) the objective getting rid of Hawk and his men. Later on they are Join by Comrade Yang, a political division scout sent by the Hejiang Military District and field hospital nurse Comrade Bai (Tong Liya). Yang plant his ass as a spy in Hawk’s gang in order to provide information on how to take over the tiger mountain.

La bataille de la montagne du tigre (2014)

The film is in 3D and it is action in you face. There is a lot of debris, bullets and blood that is dying around. Plus a mean digital tiger who is trying to get Yang for lunch as it tries to get him in a tree. well done here it is quite breathtaking even the cinematography. It is an impressive 3D action film here and you won’t get bored. It is a remake from the 1970 film but Tsui added stuff here and there and I was told there is more action. There is a sub-plot based upon the reunion of mother and son. That does not surprise me here in most film in China I except it nothing wrong with that. A spectacular scene involving a plane in a cave with a landing strip involving a lot of CGI. Over all a good action pop corn film here just enjoy the ride.

La bataille de la montagne du tigre (2014)


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2 thoughts on “THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN (2014) 3D

  1. I was just reading about this story recently in relation to Brian Eno’s album Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy. Great album! Thank you for your film review!! –Paul


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