Valley of love

A film by Guillaume Nicloux

Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Huppert, Dan Warner

It has been 35 years since those two actors as done a film together since Loulou (1980). Set against the majestic, heat-suffocatingto death backdrop of California’s Death Valley, Gerard and Isabelle received an invitation to Death Valley California from their son. The two still snap at each other and you can feel there still a conjugal attachment going on here after being divorced for so many years. Sparks at times might seem there but fade away as soon as they came in. Valley of Love is a supernatural thriller road film. The couple goes to each sighting where their son wanted them to go. The cinematography is scorching hot and stunning. Gérard accept what happen to their son but Isabelle can not. While Gérard is sweating profusely well because of his weight his in short sometimes without his shirt, Isabelle refuse air conditioning and wear long pants. Here is two different characters who gets together maybe for the last time because their son asked them too. A little incident happens in the motel and sparks an argument between them. The film is not too bad it is quite good but to me it needed something more. Done al la Chabrol would been fine.




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