A Bucket of Blood (1959)

A film by Roger Corman 

Cast: Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Antony Carbone Walter Paisley is a dim-witted busboy who works at a bar / Gallery that’s populated by beatniks reciting their poetry. Walter (Dick Miller) wants to be part of the crowd and of course he is in love with one of the waitress. He is a talentless as they come can not make anything out of clay. He is frustrated but one day make a sculpture of a cat with a knife thought it. He goes and shows it where he works which he is praised for it. They tell him so what are you going to do next? Well with a bucket of blood Walter can do anything.

Here is a cool little film done in 5 days by Roger Corman and Yes I do love Corman. He has produced and directed some cool film done in so little time with little money. A cool black comedy that makes fun of beatniks and the art world. Here is Walter who lives along lives next to his noisy land lady.It is a usual story here and Walter thinks he is doing nothing wrong. Miller here does a great job in incarnated Walter who idolizes the beatniks and want to be praise by them. He is draw to the world of art and see nothing wrong in doing what he is doing. He has to do his next piece in order to do that he has to do something horrible and bloody. I love the fact that Corman uses the jazzy score that he did here now day jazz in film happens very seldom. Sometime when filmmakers has little time to do a film they come across as creative as original too. Here is one that you should not miss.

A Bucket of Blood (1959)



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