A film by John Waters

Cast: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce

Babs Johnson (Divine) is trying to preserve he title the Fithyest person alive she will have to compete with an other couple with the Baltimore based couple Raymond and Connie Marble (David Lochary & Mink Stole) whose habits are quite repulsive be prepare to vomit.

Jon Waters uses shock to get people into the theater. But this film has grown has a cult film big time and it is discussing as hell.  This was back in the 70’s an independent film were experimenting big time with what ever plus a lot of people were doing drugs back then no I am not saying that is the product of someone taking drug because Waters doesn’t do them at all but what was he thinking writing this at the time. It is a barforama of a film.  First isn’t life long dream to become the filthiest person on earth, No way Jose. It is a  vomiting inducing film ever and revolting at that but it is also humorous. I watched this film on a recommendation of a friend, it was on Cinemax back in the early’s 90’s. It is the battle of the 2 families to get the trophy sort of speak of the filthiest person on earth. There is divine and her trailer trash people. Divine is what you always wanted for a woman yeah right and what woman (If that is a woman) eats dog shit and throws orgies with her misfits friends. Her mothers loves eggs and sleep in a cradle (She should get the best mother award) she runs off with a egg delivery man and you will see the best romantic sequence ever on film. Divine’s son loves to kill chicken and have sex on the first date but his favorite of course (keep in mind this is the family of the year) is oral sex with his mom well it is technically a dude pretending to be a woman. So far so good right but wait there is more,  than we have the marble family I know they lost their marble who goes around naked every where they go, also they have a foot fetish among other things like they sell heroin to schoolchildren and kidnap and impregnate female hitchhikers, selling the babies to lesbian couples wait until you see the movie. Waters has done this film in bad taste and it is not for the people who has weak stomach. Of course as the film goes on you will asked the question what the hell I am still watching this film, and you won’t be able to  stop. Also after watching it you will find yourself saying to your girlfriend slap me like a bitch I can’t believe I watch this film. Well if you have a strong stomach you can watch this film. If you live in trailer trash city you might be able to relate to this film.  As they say in hillbilly  country you all come back you hear!

P.S. This film was re-release  in theaters 25 years later. I know what a fuck?




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