L'échappée belle (2015)

A film by Emilie Cherpitel

Cast: Clotilde Hesme, Florian Lemaire, Yannick Choirat

One day on a terrace of a bistro a child seats at eva’s table and ask if he could have a cup of hot chocolate. Between them a spark fly immediately . Then the woman will end up keeping him for several days, this kid  who escaped from the orphanage, who wants to find his biological mother …

Emilie Cherpitel her first directorial debut has written this wonderful dramatic comedy. Plus she has been the assistant director of Guillaume Gallienne, Ridley Scott, Brian De Palma and  Sofia Coppola. Not bad right. Here, she decided to tell the unlikely encounter between a boy of 11 years, born under X and looking for her biological mother, and a woman of 35, wealthy, who only does what she wants in life although, she says, “it does not work very well.” The movie was film with a handheld camera. It is a bit of a naive tale about friendship and love between a cute 11 years old boy and woman who is drowning into a solitude of her rich spoiled life with alcohol and some occasional mood swings. The script here has originality with generosity by developing the characters to combine poetry and fantasy and what a beautiful combination that is. This modern fable would not have much flavor and delicateness if the actors didn’t deliver their lines perfectly well. Clotilde Hesme with her boyish red hair cut has an impressive sincerity with authenticity and she is on top of her game and Florian Lemaire has made his grand entrance with a big splash.  A fresh fable with sunshine a perfect first film. I can’t wait what Emilie Cherpitelwill is going to do next and I hope she will continue to write them.

L'échappée belle (2015)

L'échappée belle (2015)


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