DOMINO (2005)

Domino (2005)

A film by Tony Scott 

Cast: Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke, Édgar Ramírez

The movie was inspired by Domino Harvey, a friend of Scott’s, who was named Bounty Hunter of the Year in 2003 and died in July 2005, of a drug overdose, only 35 years old. The daughter of the movie star Laurence Harvey and the fashion model Paulene Stone (renamed Sophie Wynn in the movie) She went to the best school as she said but ended up as a bounty hunter. She was good at it she has won an award for best bounty hunter go the year in 2003 ( did not know there were such an award). My agenda is to kick ass she always said.

The film is inspired by a true story. Domino (Keira Knightley) sees a course for bounty hunter and decides to sign up to find out that the three great bounty hunters Ed Mosbey (Mickey Rourke), Choco (Edgar Ramirez), and Claremont Williams (Delroy Lindo) bailing out taking the tuition money go after them and demand to be taking seriously. Mosbey’s team also includes Alf (Rizwan Abbasi), an Afghan who knows a lot about blowing things up. Choco is a tough guy from El Salvador who is offended that anyone would speak English in LA. And Rourke does his thing. Here the funniest character is Mark Heiss (Christopher Walken), a TV producer an other great actor here. Domino is fun plus it is edited à la MTV. It has a yellow greenish graphic stylization feel to it. Domino is a big mess it feels like a punk-rock fever dream. Quick razor-sharp cut editing with some slow mo action at times. An unusual thriller here that feel like you on LSD watching it and it looks cool. But like I said it is inspired by of the life of Domino and a hell of a vision from Tony Scott. Like Jean-Luc Goddard has always said To do a film all you need is a girl and a gun.


Domino (2005)

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