NEAR DARK (1987)

near dark

A film by Kathryn Bigelow

Cast: Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright, Lance Henriksen, Bil Paxon

Caleb who appears to be a drifter, sporting  western clothing and a cowboy hat. While standing outside a convenience store with his friends, he sees Mae walk out for a breath of air with her ice cream cone. He is stunned by her overwhelming beauty so he goes and starts to talk to her. While taking an evening drive together, Caleb tells Mae that he has never met any other girls like her. “No, you haven’t met any girls like me, she replies”.  Caleb is intrigued with Mae’s mysticism, whereas many men would instantly be turned off by the oddness of her presence. But Caleb’s character seems to have some curiosity that is burning inside of him.

Here is Kathryn Bigelow early work who created a cross-bred biker western vampire film. And that my friends is a beautiful thing. It is outrageous, poetic , romantic and has a bloody thrill that will grab you by the balls with something else that comes with emotions. The cinematography goes with the emotions that are running high at some point. The special effects stand out back in the day they were fabricated nothing on computer or very little. It is a different vampire film never been done like this one before and Bigelow has done an outstanding job here in developing the story correctly. It has become a classic cult film. Here is something interesting this is a modern spin where garlic, bats, crosses and stakes are neither needed or talk about. In fact the word vampire is never mentioned in the film. It is a film with a human side here where Caleb is getting confused of what has happened to him. This film has a savagery beauty to it with a gothic dusty western feel to it. In my country France that is there is a lot more women directors then in the US, here is a woman director who has directed action film well a little bit of everything and you think that wold open more doors for others. She became a terrific director and I guess she showed Hollywood  that she can even win an Oscar. A film that you must see.

Near Dark (1987)



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