Deux jours, une nuit (2014)

A film by Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

Cast: Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rongione, Catherine Salée

English Title: Two days, one night.  Sandra (Marion Cotillard) is married and has two kids. She suffered of a depression , just got back on her feet, she finds out that  the 16 workers 14 os which voted to have their prime instead of keeping Sandra who now is going to be laid off. Thanks to the help her friend and co-worker Juliette (Catherine Salee) and her husband Manu (Fabrizio Rongione), Sandra takes one last shot at keeping her job and talks her boss into holding a secret ballot on Monday. Now Sandra has the week-end to conceived  the majority of the employees to keep her instead of their bonus.

Here is a film that you can get involved in and take a neutral stand in. Here is a woman who is afraid of everything and just got back on her feet to work her ass off in this company. Sandra will get up on her feet with the help of her husband but then fall back down where things are not going well thanks to her husband she will get up again, she will find out that she will make friends and enemies along the way and will find out what she is capable of doing without being afraid anymore with a good positive attitude, all this in two days , one night. She will rekindle the relationship with her husband because of it. Terrific performances here with the actors especially Cotillard. The film has  documentary feel to it hey! that is the Dardenne brothers here. Technically you gain access at Sandra’s life here. It is a human story in the difficult time of a recession that hit hard and everybody wants to keep their jobs and their bonus. Here you have an incredible powerful story with emotions running high at times. Reember on thing the Dardenne brother does a film for the audience in mind.

Deux jours, une nuit (2014)

Deux jours, une nuit (2014)


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