52 PICK UP (1986)


A film by John Frankenheimer

Cast: Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret, Vanity , John Clover

Raimy ( John Glover) a charming blackmailer with the looks of an aging British juvenile and a conscience of I don’t give a shit. he try to pull this slick job of taping a rich businessman named Harry (Roy Scheider) having an affair with a topless dancer. Ask for $110,000. Harry thinks it over, tell his wife Barbara (Ann-Margret) who already knew of the affair and was wondering why she si telling her now. Harry concludes that he is paying. well then Raimy goes in deep thinking mode and comes up with this other tape of the topless dead with his gun. That is the first and last mistake that Raimy will do. Rule number one do not piss off a rich businessman who is smarter than you.

Here is a terrific Neo-noir from John Frankenheimer. here is a surprisedly a great film with some great actors here. Yes John clover here shines as the deviant, sleazy dude who will stop at nothing to get his $110,000 then you have Ann Margaret which I love through in the greatest performance here and what a terrific actress she has become. Roy Scheider here does an outstanding job at this revenge melodrama Neo-noir film.  Check out and pay very attention of the energy level and the density of detail in the performances with the tension builder spice up with a few twist and yes ladies and gentlemen you will be blind sided. This is not you typical Neo-noir film, you can’t hep watching those fascinated weird characters coming alive right before your eyes. Did Mentioned the small role of Vanity who nailed it right on the money and it is refreshing to see. Here is one for you Bryancyr from everything noir




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