Tale of Tales (2015)

A film by Matteo Garrone

Cast: Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones, John C Reilly

The three inspiring tales are La Cerva Fatata (The Enchanted Doe), La Pulce (The Flea), La Vecchia Scorticata (The Flayed Old Lady), that have been freely adapted with elements of other tales by Giambattista Basile.

The film is aesthetically stunning, great  stunning decors (cliffs, caves, Châteaux …), seeing each story with a distant view of an amazing castle. It appeals to everyone’s imagination, whether collective (the skinny sorcerer dressed in  black, witches, barbaric ogre …) or intimate (the link between the twins …) while discovering incredible creatures (sea monsters that a  king hunts to remove the warm heart, the giant flea that grows before your eyes …).

Rocked by a divine music by Alexandre Desplat, the viewer discovers  a world where light and darkness is confronted by each characters in striking humanity.  Through three stories more or less moral or immoral, “Tale of Tales” addresses the question of beauty that does not last, the injustice of old age and the gifts that nature unequal to some and not to others (the ability to have a child, beauty …). It evokes symbolic power (the use of white, red and black is not inoffensive ), the emancipation of the child, the end of innocence, the power of beauty, the grip of love and the ability to give. Captivating from time to finish yes with a great ending the film offers you a beautiful ride in some one of the kind picturesque cinematography where you can enjoy with some enchanting music with visuals like Jules Verne world. A great film here by Matteo Garrone who has directed the film Gomorra.

tale of tales_edit-xlarge



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