Nos futurs (2015)

A film by Rémi Bezançon

Cast: Pierre Rochefort, Pio Marmaï, Mélanie Bernier

Two childhood friends haven’t see each other since high school find each other again and tries to relive once again those good old days. Here is what I didn’t know Jean-rochefort has a son who is an actor of course what else is he going to do. Is name Pierre Rochefort who has the lead role here.

The story goes like this here is a dreamer Yann Kerbec (Pierre Rochefort) who has this boring life as well as a boring job his life has become routing. One days he decided to call one of his old friends from high school and decided to go on a road trip to  rekindle some old friendships from high school. Here is a cool comedy about friendship, parties, booze, girls, more booze and beautiful scenery of France. Yann needed a boost in his life and he got it by rekindling with an old friend from high school. But can we stir the ashes of the past? Can we replenish, rebuild? Can we dream? And the dream itself can it contain a nightmare? What about our happy days and our teenage follies? The time is lost? Should we plant a tree to remember or go moped with his best friend returned to reconstitute the group of friends of yore? Can we open a souvenirs box where and see things differently. And what do you do if you are afraid of death?

It is a unique way of looking at the past with two great actors here who has done a splendid job here. Here is two guys around 30’s who see 40 approaching and are scared stiff of what is going to happen to them. Are they going to grow old and boring or died of some kind of heart attack. You are going to laugh often and you will get out of the movie theater thinking man there was a lot of drinking in this film, and it will make you think at your own life and the friends that you have. Now I recommend to see this film with a red wine like a Côte du Rhône 2012. Have fun. Caution here,there is a lot of drinking in this film .Hello! it is a french film so it will be  you thirsty after seeing it.




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