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Woman in Gold (2015)

A film by Simon Curtis

Cast: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl

Here is one nice film that I stumble on at the movie theater. Theft has happens during the war, the nazi has stolen millions of dollars from the jews in painting and belongings. They were lost of lives but on the top of it the Nazis has stolen from the jews. The story goes like this and by the way it is based on a true story.

Maria Altmann. Born in Vienna, Austria in 1916 as Maria Victoria Bloch, she was the niece of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Adele was the model for Gustav Klimt’s most famous painting, originally known as “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauther” and it was one of five Klimt paintings that the Nazis took from Altmann’s uncle and later ended up in the Austrian National museum.

Maria (Helen Mirren) is widowed and has recently buried her sister. In her sister’s papers she finds notes about the Klimt paintings. So she ask a friend of the family if she knows anyone whois a lawyer to look into it. Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), a young lawyer, takes the case. They take on a road trip to Austria, a place that Maria doesn’t really want to see again and yet seeing it, she also sees some comforting ghosts from her past. You will see what happen in the early years of Maria’s life. Maria and Randol meet up with Austrian journalist Hubertus Czernin, a man who has devoted himself to investigating the claims of stolen Nazi art who has a few tricks up his sleeves. Together they will take on the Austrian government in the US to try to get back the painting for Maria. The chemistry of Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds together, Curtis bring a lot of the humor to the film. The thing is it has affected a lot of people and those people are trying to get what is rightfully theirs a task that is the lost challenging and difficult. Schoenberg does it for different reason at first but later in the film he is obsessed of wanting this painting back for Maria. The cinematography is outstanding here it has a history feel to it. Mirren shines here as well as Reynolds they just deserve each other. A terrific film not to be missed.

Woman in Gold (2015)




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