While We're Young (2014)

A film Noah Baumbach

Cast: Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver

Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts are Josh and Cornelia, a childless married couple who feel they may have let life pass them. He’s a documentary filmmaker, he has one hit to his credit but he has been struggling with his second project for about 10 years. She’s a producer who works with her father (Charles Grodin), a famous documentarian and the inspiration for Josh’s career. Josh and Cornelia are happy together but their marriage becomes routine. There is no excitement, they don’t even take vacation. Jamie (Adam Driver), a young hipster jack-of-all-trades who admires his work and wants to follow in the same footsteps. He’s married to Darcy (Amanda Seyfried), she makes ice cream. The life of Josh and Cornelia gets suddenly interesting.

Here is the funny thing Josh and Cornelia are now in their mid 40’s they embraced the technology CD, cell phone, computers, tablets etc…. Jamie and Darcy 20 something has not, they have still vinyls no cell phone, no computers, no tablets. Both couples need each other in this case one to jump-start their marriage, the other to jump-start his career in film making. I love the scene where Cornelia goes to a hip hop class with Darcy and later Cornelia practices in her own home. Just watching a 40’s something woman dancing hip hop is hilarious as hell. Cornelia and Josh dished their 40’s something friends because they are too caught up with the baby. Watts delivers a great performance here as always. Driver is getting better and better here lucky for him he has a great career in the front of him. It is like that Josh uses Jamie and vice versa. They go to those weird and unusual ceremony , Darcy and Jamie sees life differently than Josh and Cornelia they lived it, experience it breath it, unless that so many married couple I know they are into their routine and it can be boring at times. A nice little comedy for a change a pace an intelligent one at that.




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