Les anonymes (2013)

A film by Pierre Schoeller

Cast: Michel Albertini, Mathieu Amalric, Patrick Azam

Based on the true story. Claude Erignac the prefect of the region Corsica, was shot Feb. 6, 1998 on the streets of Ajaccio. It shook the earth. Never since the Second World War, we had a hit on a high state official. After a year of investigation, followed by the arrest of the alleged commando. Ninety six hours of custody in anti-terrorism. Gradually a name keeps popping up: the one of Yvan Colonna. An exceptional crime, an exceptional justice.

Here is a political film and a very sensible one and Pierre Schoeller has done an outstanding job here. He stay true to the story here with some nice cinematography. The thing is that if it was an American film it would have been a spectacular one. But it is a french film and we do thing differently here and the director did it in a form of a thriller when the tension is building throughout the film.

There is three chapter here. The first one is that the film open like a news flash of what happened. Like a documentary. It is a quick introduction of what happen with the witnesses talking about what they saw. Then the second chapter begins, the criminals are caught, jailed and may the 96 hours of interrogation begins and yes you will get some quick flashback from time to time. The third well the conclusion of the film.  The film moves along just fine you do not have the time to take a breather. Schoeller did not show Corsica like a post card with beautiful scenery, instead it was some quick shot of the residence, he was in and out as quickly as possible. Like I said Pierre Schoeller has respected the story here and  stayed with the facts that is why this film works so well.

Les anonymes (2013)

Les anonymes (2013)


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