LENA (2014)


A film by Jan Schomburg

Cast: Maria Schrader, Johannes Krisch, Ronald Zehrfeld

German title: Vergiss mein Ich (Forget me I….)

Here is a horrible idea not knowing suddenly who you are. It is January and this couple’s  life is turned up side down not knowing their fate. One go them will have to find within themselves a new personality again. Here is a sensible drama where one must be resilient to help the other find herself with a touch of humor. 

Lena is a successful researcher and writer. Out of the blue at a party she gets into a confused state. Her husband and some of her friends takes her to the Neurologist who concludes because she had a meningitis Lena suffers from retrograde amnesia. In an other words she has lost part of her memory, it might come back fully within days or months even years or never come back at all. In Lean’s case she has nor recollection who she is even who are her friends.

Her husband does not know how to deal with Lena or even what to do with her. She tries to get to jump-start her memory by being in her office even read her diary which does not help. She meets this stranger where it might be possible to regain some it. Here is the director Schomburg has tackle the subject of memory loss and gave Lena some freedom to how to deal with it however not much. By forgetting her own personality is usually followed by great confusion and fear. The thing is if you forgot who you are you suddenly are in this confusion of fear not knowing who your friends are or is it really my husband in the front of me. Maria Schrader her has done an outstanding job playing Lena with child like quality. Lena goes to see her mother at the nursing home and talk to a complete stranger thinking she is her mother. Lena then tries to reinvent herself with shocking openness. Now the question is she going to reinvented herself of try to find her old self back. Here is what I love is the ending most ending in a foreign film is completely different that the ending of an American film. I love the ending in this one it is just right if not perfect. This film just got here in France but got release in 2014.


Film/ Vergiss mein Ich


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