LOVE (2015) 3D


A film by Gaspar Noé

Cast: Aomi Muyock, Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin

The sexual melodrama about a young man and a young woman who meet in Paris, in the process meet an other girl and become involve with her. It is an explicit sexual story.

It is the same director who did Irréversible. Here is his latest called love it is a love story told on the sexual point of view. Now let me explain a little there is explicit love scene the actor are really have sex, the scenes are not simulated it is for real. In France no one under 16 years old can not get in to see this film. Yes the censors are looser in Europe especially in France. Now in the US if it comes out it is going to be the cut version well the other version made for the US and other country because in the US it would be a XXX rating film then. Got it. Cool. Now it was shown in 3D, you are going to say what the hell…. Yes exactly and you should not what scene you should close your eyes. Oh! my god. Now he is the first director to do a film like that.

Now the only thing that I did like is some of the dialogue it was a little how to say this off the top. But other than that it is fine. A terrific story about a couple who are in love and wants to experiment with sex so they invite in their bed a young girl to have fun with. But later things start to sour. Yes there is flashback on how they meet plus the scene where they go to a sex club to experiment even more about their sexuality. There is jealously that later surfaced and all goes to hell from there for the couple. It has its humor at times but it is about the relationship of this couple where the woman is sexually adventurous and where the man well goes for the other woman without the knowledge of his partner. It is a bit long for a film like that and I was a little disappointed about the dialogue at times, due to fact that the screenplay was 7 pages long and the rest was improvised. Other then that it is interesting enough.




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