LES CAÏDS (1972)

les caïds

A film by Robert Enrico

Cast: Serge Reggiani, Juliet Berto, Jean Bouise, Michel Constantin

English title: The big shots. 

Thai (Serge Reggianni)  and Murelli (Jean Bouise) makes a living with their car stunts show to supplement their income by doing small robbery. Thai stumble right in a scene of jealousy at their local bar where a jealous lover caught his girlfriend with her lover. Jack kills them both on the spot. Thai decided to help him out until things cool off. Murelli who has a daughter decided to do one last score. Well you know……

This one stands out and moves along well. It is just fun to watch specially the stunts with the cars that reminds me that what they were doing back then. Now days you don’t see that at all. Well you know the Murphy’s law when something will go wrong everything will go wrong. Here is a young man who is caught in this lover’s quarrel and saved by a man who apparently needed a driver. Jack falls in love with Murelli’s daughter and thing are not going to be simple from there. A few mistake will cost some people and Murelli’s daughter will become the boss the this little clan. Well film here with some car chase and terrific stunts. A quite entertaining film so easy to watch with a terrific heroic ending sort of speak. It comes down to a tale of friendship among thieves. definitely watch this film while drinking du Pastis Duval.


les caïds

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One thought on “LES CAÏDS (1972)

  1. Surprising how well some of these hold up.

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