A film by Benjamin Rocher

Cast: Jean Reno, Alban Lenoir, Caterina Murino

Serge Buren is a legendary cop, surrounded by a band of young cops with unconventional methods.
Whatever they use baseball bats or “forget” the rules in spectacular arrests, the results are there!
Then a group of murderous robbers on the scene, that rob banks and jewelry stores in the capital, suddenly you have weapons of war and unstoppable scenarios.
Faced with such ingenuity and brutality, Buren and his unit are confronted with a difficult situation: their expeditious methods be enough to stop these criminals far more Machiavellian?

Here is an action film across between lethal weapon and bad boys. Here is Jean Reno is back with this action film that is funny and well packed with stunts and action. Keep in mind it is just an action film that delivers the punch line, action and fighting well. Of course there is a scene like the one in Heat but there it is founded on the life of the cops, I wish they went there a little more but that did not happen. It is still fun to watch and I had a good time anyway.




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