A film by Catherine Corsini

Cast: Cécile De France, Izïa Higelin, Noémie Lvovsky

English translation: A beautiful Season. 

Okay this film is going to be a classic Period. A great love story between two women who found each other in 1971. Carol (Cécile de France) a feminist who believes that women should be independent and have rights, not some woman who is submissive to her man and stay at home. It is also the right to abort, which back in the day was not legal. Thanks to those women back in the 70’s all this was possible now. This is a beautiful romantic love story between two women. Delphine ( Izïa Higelin) who leaves in the country and who is the farmer’s daughter. Her father thinks she is going to get married and take over the farm some day. The two women meet in Paris a later on a romance is developing.

The film has, in fact, a real evocation of the feminist movements of the 70s, well back in the 70’s women were conditioned to serve their man. The man was the bread-winner of the family. The story  focuses on inequalities at the work place, here Delphine is faced by running the farm with her mother and is trying to fit in the agriculture’s world that is run by man in the mean time she does not want to be found out that she is a lesbian and in love with a woman. In the other hand Carol wants her to come out and leave the farm to come back to Paris with her. They are both fighter but in different perspective. Also the story treat the homosexuality with difficulty back in the 70’s it was not accepted people were still in the closet, others were not. There are fears here not to be accepted by the peers because the are perverted. Homosexuality was considered a form of perversion back then. on the top of that a woman who takes over the farm who lie not to be found out and is in a middle of a group that is running by man is trying to find her place in the muddle of this bazaar which she has to fight for it is not easy for a woman back in the day.

The film will be nothing without those 2 terrific actresses Cécile de France and Izïa Higelin who incarnated those character wonderful well. There is a certain dynamic chemistry between the two. It is very well film with such of light that it captives the sexuality of the of the 2 women. A captivating film that will bring a tear or two to you eyes you will need a Pastis to put yourself back together. A terrific film for the end of summer.




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