A film by Raphaël Jacoulot

Cast: Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Grégory Gadebois, Karim Leklou

In the middle of the hottest summer in a village in France where the habitant lives their life in peace, is now disturbed by Josef who is mentally challenge and a trouble maker who is the son of a metal scraper. He is found dead at his home one day. An investigation begins.

Funny as it sounds this film was shot last year and realized this year where we have the driest season on record. Jacoulot here has done a film à la Claude Chabrol a balance between Drama and Thriller/Film Neo Noir. The tension is build slowly with one little surprise at the end of the film. You can feel the tension rising up as well as the heat, the dry season has set in and the farmers has to have some kind of relief for water in order to have their crop in good shape. There is a pond and they figure out that a pump could be in use so the farmer can spray their crop. On the other hand you have Josef here who is the trouble maker always having the music out loud and trying to make friend but none of them does not want to do nothing with him. Josef shows interest in a girl, who clearly in not interested. Incident happens, as well as the pump is stolen and clearly Josef is the cause of it. Josef is not all there but he wants to make friends and does not know how to interact with them and of course they reject him.  When things starts to go wrong it is always Josef’s fault, until the inevitable happens. A nice little film with a twist at the end well just a little one. See this one while drinking a beer.




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