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A film by Umberto Lenzi

Cast: Carroll Baker, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Erika Blanc

Jean (Jean-Louis Tritignant) and Danielle’s relationship is not what it was. While still married they lead somewhat separate lives dominated by troubles. One evening soon thereafter Jean is disturbed by noise coming from the apartment above. Going to investigate, incidentally well not really he has both a dropped ear-ring to return and a key to the apartment, which Danielle was thinking of also renting, after seeing this beautiful blonde looking like a scared bird he become infatuated. Soon after a romance develop but there is more than meet the eyes.

Here is a cool thriller from Lenzi the Italian director which has a twist  it. If you have not guessed it yet The blonde Nichole (incidentally he has both a dropped ear-ring to return and a key to the apartment, which Danielle was thinking of also (Carroll Baker) has a jealous boyfriend of course is afraid of what he might do if he found out about her affair. Jean’s feeling is genuine he gets a sense of feeling that he is playing the hero. Danielle (Erika Blane) finds out bit by bit about the affair, although Jean has told her he wants a divorce. The tension is build up thought out the film, a high speed chase is there saying that he is looking for a thrill since he is bored out of his mind in his mindless marriage. It reminds me of the classic French film Les Diaboliques, but this on e is a bit predictable. The cool thing is that I love those Jazzy 70’s tune in this film it is so 70’s.


Si douces, si perverses



I first stated this site with 2 friends but I am the only one now taking care of it. I love movies sometimes that is all I talk about. I love TCM the best station ever. I am studying to be an Infographics/special effect for movies. I will put the best films on my website no exception. It is like I am evolving with it, I am constantly redoing stuff on it. So have fun with it and thank you for visiting.

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