La niña de fuego (2014)

A film by Carlos Vermut

Cast: José Sacristán, Marina Andruix, Raimundo de los Reyes

Luis (Luis Bermejo) is an average guy. The unemployed teacher is a single parent with one daughter, Alicia (Lucía Pollán), who is sick. His daughter has one wish to have the dress made by a designer worn by her favorite comic book hero. Unfortunately the dress cost 7000€. In order to fulfill her last wish Luis  will meet a disturbed girl and a retired professor.

Here Vermut does not present a traditional narrative instead it is structure like a puzzle. That is why you see this old man who will come into play later in the story putting a puzzle together. Here is what I love this film it is a slow-paced thriller where the tension is build up slowly. As the story goes along Vermut reveal what he want to reveal the rest it is up to the imagination of the audience. Brilliant!!! Period. There is a dark sense of humor in this story that goes throughout the story like the one were Luis has to raise the fund for the dress. Because the love for his daughter Luis will cross the line into a world he won’t get out of and quite possible dangerous. There is an introduction of a diabolic man who will turn the tables around.

Mark my words put this one on you list. Here is an other great Neo-Noir from Spain. May I stressed do not miss this one. You are going to need a beer after this one.

La niña de fuego (2014)



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