Le tout nouveau testament (2015)

A film by Jaco Van Dormael

Cast: Pili Groyne, Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve

English: The all new Testament. 

God lives in Brussels with his wife and daughter. The latest is called Ea, she is  ten years ago and no longer supports the cynical and inhuman character of her father, who runs the world with senseless cruelty and misanthropy. She must act. One night she enters without authorization into the office of his father and sends SMS to every on in the world , their death dates. Fleeing her home, she must then find six more apostles to write the New Testament oh! boy…

Here is an unusual comedy form Jaco Van Dormael form Belgium. Kevin Smith and Monty Python knows something about rewriting The bible. Here Dormael has with some great imagination reinvented comically the New testament, and what a success this film has already. Picture God smoking and drinking with a dirty T-shirt a robe slippers spending time in a front of the computer making rules. The script here is well put together and the scenes are dynamic a true climatic rollercoaster carrying the audience into a wonderful adventure. It is funny, tender, sometimes painful, and always full of surprises. A god who is dumb, yelling all the time a character that become the trade mark of Benoît Poelvoorde a goddess who is submissive as a house wife in the 30’s, a girl who moves glasses of milk with her mind and six unorthodox apostles: a homeless guy, a sexually obsessed man, an assassin, a woman forsaken, a depressed office worker and a boy who wants to become a girl, accompanied by a bum responsible for writing the pages of the new Testament. An explosive cocktail of characters that we actually see all the colors. Is that does not get you to go see this film than I do not know what will. Every role are tailored to the actor that is the trade mark of the director after all. Finally a beautiful sometimes cruel creative comedy that will make you forget the everyday life. Your are going to need a beer after that after all it is a Belgium film do not forget the fries.




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