DHEEPAN (2015)


A film by Jacques Audiard

Cast: Jesuthasan Antonythasan, Kalieaswari Srinivasan, Claudine Vinasithamby

This film has won the Palme D’or for best film of 2015. Dheepan  is a Neo-noir from Jacques Audiard finally after a 3 years absence it is the gritty and naturalistic depiction of Tamil refugees trying to build a new life in France. First Audiard is not you regular director he does thing differently with originality. The story if you ever go see the film is not being told like that in such a way it is a realistic as it gets and yes it is smoking of revenge story of some sort. There is plenty of surprises in this film you think it is going to go down this way but instead he goes the other way. The thing is when you start a new life in a country when you do not have much money you will be lodge in the project like this one where this man Deephan is trying to make a new life and integrate himself in the culture of France. Not easy to do. For me i was 16 years old when I got the US and it  is easier to at a young age then if you were already 35 . Trying to fit in is nor easy. But Audiard through in the mixed a bunch go gang drug dealers just across their building. Keep in mind it is like that in some suburb in Paris. The police is busy enough as it is. The characters develop as the tension rises though out the film. Until It start to boil to the point of no return.

A terrific film from Audiard here who resisted to make a film in english language but I heard he is going to make the adaptation of Patrick DeWitt’s Booker Prize-nominated novel “The Sisters Brothers,” set during the 1849 San Francisco gold rush. Well back then people were speaking all kind of languages they were coming from all over the world. I can’t wait for this one.


Dheepan (2015)


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