SOLACE (2015)

solace 2015

A film by Afonso Poyart

Cast: Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Anthony Hopkins 

An enigmatic serial killer is rampant in Atlanta, leaving the FBI totally distraught. Whatever they do, investigators still have a late start , as if the killer could anticipate their movements in advance! In desperation, they turn to Dr. John Clancy, a retired psychic whose visions have helped them in the dossier passé. Desperate  , Clancy quickly guess why the FBI is unable to trap the killer. May the game of cat and mouse begin.

Here is a thriller by Afonso Poyart that is interesting enough to watch with a little twist there. Okay a little predictable but what is not those days. It began by a series of killing a puncture wound in the back of the neck. It is a serial killer that is making his mark and they can’t figure out what is motive. Here comes into play a psychic well-known (Anthony Hopkins) who has helped the FBI in the past with agent Agent Joe Merriweather (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Clancy (Anthony Hopkins) sees visions bit of pieces at first but does not know what to make of it. Agent Katherine Cowles does not believe that a psychic can help them. This thriller is moving at a steady pace and the tension is building up as the story reveals more of what is going on. I appreciate the fact the conversation of the serial killer and Clancy. Like I said a little bit predictable but Hopkins here carries the picture the other thing is that the serial killer is shown towards the  end of the film. The motivations of the killer raise ethical issues are also addressed during the movie and they surfaced later elsewhere until the conclusion of the film that looks totally renewed on the role of one of the mediums.

solace 2015



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