YOUTH (2015)

Youth (2015)

A film by Paolo Sorrentino

Cast: Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Jane Fonda

Here is a wonderful Italian film with some great dialogue, actors, and we won’t talk about the cinematography.

Fred (Michael Caine) and Nick (Harvey keitel) are two great friends for decades now, they are in the Alps in Switzerland in this beautiful hotel on vacation. Fred is a music composer who is retired and Nick is a director who is working on his last film with a bunch of young writers. Some one wants Fred to conduct one of his masterpiece , he has no intention too and Nick is trying to finish his screenplay to top it all off they look with curiosity at their children confused about their lives.

Her is the latest mediation between immortality and aging and I might say with humor. A young prostitute services old men, a married couple never speak and an obese Argentine football hero with a tattoo of Karl Marx on his back potters about trailed by a blonde who might be his wife or his nurse or more likely both plus an actor who is trying to search his character of his latest film role. There is three stories there Fred who is asked to do a last concert, Nick who is writing his last film and the marriage break up Lena who is Fred’s daughter and married to Nick’s son who is found an other woman. This film is like an orchestra the music is flowing and you do not know what is going to happen next. It has beautiful harmony to it plus the cinematography of the alps in Switzerland is out of this world. It is about relationship, youth, mortality, intelligently written and beautifully film. I might have he has an unusual way to move the camera with some off beat angles. I ma going to go see it again but this time I am going to pay attention to the images a little more carefully. The cast is superb here Keitel, Caine, Fonda veteran actors here on the top of their games. Paul Dano what can I say he is getting better and better no doubt. He is carefully choosing his film. Weisz shines here as well. Trust me as I say this it is an other masterpiece from Sorrentino. Do see this film while drinking some St. Emilion 2012.

Youth (I) (2015)



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