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A film by Mathieu Vadepied

Cast: Balamine Guirassy, Ali Bidanessy, Guillaume Gouix

English : Larger than life 

Amada (Balamine Guirassy) 14  who leaves with his mother and brother in a suburb where the father is not present in his life and his big brother is in Africa working and will get back to them soon. Unfortunately he is not doing well at school and his teachers as well as his mother are a bit worried. Mamadou (Ali Bidanessy) 11, finds a little block of weed, Amada suddenly has an idea to help his mother financially. But the life of a dealer has consequences and they get way over their head.

Here is a terrific film by Vadepied who has put humor into it. Here is Amanda who is trying to get good grades at school and deal his drugs in between in a low-key fashion. He partners up with Mamadou to sell his drugs and even help each other with homework. They get over their head and it is going to catch up with Amada. Here is a fable of two kids who wants to make some money to get out of this neighborhood he is in. Vadepeid chooses to tell the story throughout the eyes of the kid the filmmaker alternates realism and fantasy. the two protagonist here are not professional actors which reinforces vitality makes it look like a documentary. You are pulling for those kid although there are doing a stupid thing and might not come out on top. It is a charming realistic guarantee to have a good time.

La vie en grand




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