A film by John Singleton

Cast: Jon Voight, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle

In 1922 there were a riot between blacks and white in a small town in Florida called Rosewood. It left the town in smoking ruin while dozens of its residents were shot, burned to death or lynched. But the film just does not just tell the event that has happen but do also tell that racism is passed from father to son. There were between 70 to 250 black people killed during the riot.But Rosewood remained a secret until 1982, when newspaper reports were published in the St. Petersburg (Fla.). Later on a documentary surfaced but the survivor of the event yes there were some still alive in 1982 were too afraid to talk about it.

The film opens in 1922, we see a prosperous town owned by its African-American residents, who have only a few white families living among them, including the grocer, Mr. Wright (Jon Voight), whose affection for his neighbors extends to sexual relations with his pretty 17-year-old clerk (Why am I not surprise there). The black families own their land and run their businesses but the whole families that are poor resented the blacks. A black convict escape and a white woman emerges saying she has been beaten (not raped) by a black man. There you know that she is covering up that her lover put the bruises and she is afraid of her jealous husband . Two black women knew the story was bogus keep silent until it was too late. Anger started to rise that inspired the mob violence that follows. There is a few people who could have stop the event but did. Sylvester Carrier (Don Cheadle) the courageous one who was trying to get out-of-town and tried to take as many people with him as he could. Keep in mind there is some terrific performances by Jon voight, Ving Rhames and Don Cheadle. Here is a film well made that tells a gripping story.




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