A film by Julien Leclercq

Cast: Gilles Lellouche, Tahar Rahim, Riccardo Scamarcio

English title: The informant

Gilles Lellouche plays Marc Duval, a French expat running a tavern in 1987 Gibraltar whose money worries lead him to become an informer for the French state on criminals customers that come in to his bar. French customs officer Redjani (Tahar Rahim) promises a cut of the drug money from seizures and protection from the state but you know dam well that never trust a customs officer he can’t keep Marc out of trouble also because once you have a taste of money you want more and you will do anything to get it. But latter one Marc finds out that Redjani does not keep his part of the bargain. Marc of course gets in too deep with drugs dealers and put his family in danger (He has a wife and a newly born). Will Marc get out of this trouble that he is in?

Here is a Thriller based on a true story that happens in Gilbraltar in 1987. Once Marc crossing the line in helping the custom agent, he gets a taste of it, but also comes consequences. When he goes in too deep he soon realize that helping Redjani in not what it seems. To get out of it is not going to be easy. He begins to walk the a fine line between right and wrong where it is beginning to get a little blurry for him. Plus the relationship between his sister and the know drug dealer Marco is not a good thing at his eyes to top it all off the relationship with his wife is not going well either. Like his wife said at the beginning od the film where Marc tells her how he is going to make more money She said “why don’t we have it good now why do we need more “ . exactly sometimes people does not appreciate what they have.




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