Here is what is burning me up. Kentucky fried chicken what did they do well I call it a fucking marketing move for those who are dumb. Now you say KFC right why is that we all know that one by now Kentucky fried chicken sounds unhealthy yes that is right it sounds unhealthy so they went with KFC so it sounds healthier, yeah right it is the same crapy food that they are serving.

Now think for a minute A remake so now Hollywood makes remake that’s what they called it. And yes it does not work the remake usually sucks most of the time. Now they made Spyder man and 10 years later they call it reboot the same story different actor with better special effect yeah right, take a look with the Fantastic 4 reboot not remake reboot because reboot sound healthier, yeah right. the same story different actors and yet a crapy film. I think hollywood has not new inventive and creative way to tell the story so they bank on rebooting everything that made money 10 years ago. They no longer wait 20 to 30 years to remake a film oh! I’m sorry reboot a film. If they are going to spent that much money like at least 200 dollars on a film give it to me instead so I can retire that would be a better creative way to spent more plus it is a donation so it is a tax right off.


Dam this hollywood executive they think we are dumb. This has to stop. So the next time you see a reboot do not go and rush to the theater it is going to be the same story with different actors how many times do you have to see the same movie. That is why I am sticking with independent films and foreign film. voila I had to get this out there.


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One thought on “A LOT OF BLA BLA BLA

  1. I couldn’t agree more! –Paul

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