Branded to Kill

A film by Seijun Suzuki

Cast: Jô Shishido, Kôji Nanbara, Isao Tamagawa

After more than ten years and forty films at the Nikkatsu company through the 1950s and 60s, cult Japanese director Seijun Suzuki was fired for making incomprehensible cinema. How do you like them apples? You’ve have got to be kidding me. Known for visual panache, and disjointed editing with a particular dreamlike quality. You see the studio wanted him to make commercialized film but he instead wanted to make the film that he wanted to make so the studios decided to fire him to top it all off he could not work for 10 years.

The story goes like this a hitman who is the third best in the Japanese underworld. Number Three, Hanada (Jô Shisido), is given a routine assignment to knock off an unknown foreigner that goes sour and he finds himself being pursued by his bygone  friends. They attempt to get to him through his wife and the girl that he falls for but the bullets misses him. When number one comes in play the challenge begins to get a little harder.


Shisido’s piercing killer’s is this cool cat with sunglasses most go the time with some strange cheeks bones. His sexual appetite is insatiable, but is also stirred most strongly by the aroma of steamed rice he goes nuts for it. It is like an obsession. Had the time you didn’t know if you were watching a dream sequence or reality. There are some cool things though about this film a sequence with the other car was blocking the road and our killer who is to protect his client at any cost ram the other car gets out and start shooting. Later the drunk killer his partner runs like in the samurai film somewhat hug the guy and shots are heard one of them falls down, the other one walks and falls down a bit later pay attention what he does it is so funny here Suzuki has put a little humor into it, all through out the film. It is a quite inventive, and creative film here but unfortunately after he go back from getting fired tens years later he did not have the same panache that he had before. A film to look. A must see. I am going to try to find more about his films and review more of them for you. Do I love those foreign  gangster film.

Branded to Kill


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One thought on “BRANDED TO KILL (1967)

  1. This one looks really good. I want to see it for sure. Great review my friend! –Paul

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