Brooklyn (2014)

A film by Pascal Tessaud

 Cast: Kt Gorique, Rafal Uchiwa, Jalil Naciri

A young Rap artist moves from Switzerland to Paris to become a rap artist where she failed in Switzerland.

Pascal Tessaud who is a film documentary director tries his luck at director of this feature that he wrote, I fell to mention he is also a writer. He has leaved in Saint-Denis where he grew up. Here he writes about what he know the scene of young rap artist who dreams of making it big. This film has caught the Attention in 2014 of a Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival. So I decided to see this wonderful piece of art.

It is an original story who feels like a documentary Guerrilla film making style in Saint-Denis where he admired rap stars. In the heart of the film it is where the kids who dreams of becoming a rap star start to reinvent themselves or do something at least original in their craft where a coach takes care of  and try to help them fulfill their dreams. Tessaud had a hard time to fund the film so he did it on a shoe string budget. He found KT Gorique from Switzerland who won 1st place in free style rap a competition in New York because she is a natural at it, she gave her 300% into it it was unbelievable. Professionals such as directors Christophe Ruggia and Mehdi Charef  the actors  Liliane Rovere Jalil Naciri was behind the project since the beginning. Here is the real kicker Tessaud has film this with 2 camera the one you take a picture with like a cannon. Since he was from Saint-Denis he was able to count on the people around his neighborhood. When you film a movie out of the classic style it has to find its mark and luckily it did as well as it found an audience. Last year the film got recognized by the Cannes Film Festival. Let’s see what he does for his next film.

Brooklyn (2014)



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