A film by François Favrat

Cast: Laurent Lafitte, Mélanie Laurent, Audrey Dana

Here is an adaptation from the novel from Tatiana De Rosnay beautifully well done. Antoine Rey (Laurent Lafitte) who one day decide to investigate more about the death of his mother. He comes to find out that some of the family members were trying to keep this secret buried deep. It will change the outcome of this family.

I think is one of the President of the US who said if two people knows a secret, in order to keep it a secret one of them has to die. I do not agree with that one because sometimes people need to take a load off their shoulder and will tell someone any way. Going back to the film here a Dude Antoine who his wife is divorcing him, he wants to stay with her he can’t move forward so he goes see a psychiatric to help him put moving on. The thing is that he is stuck because he does not know how his mom died but no one wants to talk about it and that is disturbing to Antoine who keeps on pushing. His sister does not want to know more it is in the passed. His sister is played by the wonderful Mélanie Laurent wants him to let it go. Laurent Lafitte who is the hardest actor here with one movie after an other is on top  of his game here, after all he is from the Comedie Française (from theater). The cinematography is beautiful here kind of grey silver feel to it. A romance will develop later on in the film no surprise there. The thing is although I like this film there is nothing new here. Every family has a secret or secrets but we can’t help watching to find out what it is.




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