la grand vadrouille

A film by Gérard Oury

Cast: Bourvil, Louis de Funès, Claudio Brook

A RAF Bomber is shot down over Paris by the Germans. The captain and the crew jump off the plane and parachute well in Paris. The German are after them with the help with two civilian Parisians they try to go to the free zone Switzerland .

The translation of the title literally is the great stroll. But it was release in the states as Don’t Look Now… We’re Being Shot At! La Grande Vadrouille was the most successful French film in France, topping the box office with over 17,200,000 cinema admissions. It remains the third most successful film ever in France, of any nationality, behind the 1997 version of Titanic 20,000,000 cinema admissions. But it is the most successful comedy in France.

Here is the greatest slapstick comedy of all time in France with Louis de Funès and Bourvil. Bourvil is a painter who gets embroiled in the paratroopers’ need to escape, de Funès the composer who does likewise and the tensions between each other plays a part in the love-hate relationship. Those in the cast a beautiful blonde, some nums and of course those British Solder plus the Germans that is after them you have a big runaround a la slapstick. De Funès has the fast a furious comedy that he is known for. Most of his characters will tell you what he thinks. But De Funès is know for those slapstick comedies and well as Bourvil. The two paired up in a bunch of film and sometimes after a film they would go down at a vineyard and buy a few cases of wines after all that they are French. It turn to be a great slapstick comedy that is not boring and fast paced. Bourvil and De Funès are exceptionally talented when it comes to timing and delivery. Oury does have some wonderful visual ideas up his sleeve, most notably the scene in which unaware Frenchmen are lured down an open sewer hole so that their clothing may be put to better purposes, my favorite scene here. At the time it was very inventive and creative and never been done before. well there is also the presence of a bit of cross-dressing humour, not to mention elements of the bedroom farce. After all it is a very entertaining film. Is a matter od fact I was on face book on the page les fans de Bourvil I put the poster of the film on a post a,f I got at least 150 likes and climbing in about a few minutes. That shows you how popular the film is still is in France. So I will suggest to drink a good a Côte du Rhone 2012 with this film.

la grand vadrouille

la grand vadrouille


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