A film by Gilles Legrand

Cast: Olivier Gourmet, Georgia Scalliet, Dimitri Storoge

English: The smell of Mandarin 

Summer 1918. The war rages for another few months, but to Charles and Angela, it’s already over. He, cavalry officer has one leg. She, her home care nurse, has just lost the love of  her life, the father to  her baby daughter. United by the need to rebuild, they establish a joyful complicity that brings them back to life. At the insistence of Charles, Angela accepts a marriage of convenience. They will go to war against themselves and against each other before accepting the evidence of the passion that binds them despite themselves.

Can we desire without loving? Here is a young nurse who needs a job who has a daughter and the war in not so far away. He needs a nurse to take care of him due to his loss of one leg during the war. He finally gets out of bed and even goes back on horse back riding thanks to her. they are funny together and life starts to get good again for both of them. When Charles (Olivier Gourmet) ask Angèle (Georgia scalliet) in marriage. Here is the really kicker there is condition in the marriage you see Angèle is not in love with Charles but she will marry him under certain conditions and the list is long. There is humor though out this film big time and it raises the question if giving time can we really love someone. Beautiful film, extremely well film with some drop dead gorgeous scenery. A film that is well written with humor and intelligence. Olivier Gourmet here shines big time and the choice of film with this actor is amazing. He si busy as hell those days. Georgia Scalliet first time I saw here has done a terrific job here she stand on her ground in the front of Olivier. Film buffs who loves beautiful love stories will surely sensitive to the speech of the director that you will not find in most film those days.

L'odeur de la mandarine (2015)



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