SICARIO (2015)


A film by Denis Villeneuve

Cast: Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro

The thing is the war on drugs can not be won but we can do some damages from left to right that will make a bit of difference at least if you want town the war on drugs people will have to stop buying it. If you cross a drug dealer of high rank they will punish you in a way you will never forget, in a most painful way in an other word they will make you an example for the rest of the world to see. There are being many film about the subject but this one tells it a different way, it goes in a different direction. This one put it on your list.


Here is an FBI agent who does well but just scratch the surface on the war on drugs. As she they raid a house of a drug lord in Arizona who suppose to have hostages they found by mistake at least 30 bodies buried in the wall of the house. Her boss teams her up voluntarily  with a unit who fights the war on drugs. Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) embarks goes into the hellish center of this war and learns a number of harsh truths never taught at Quantico.

It is a serious piece and intense film making  from Villeneuve and it is unnerving and tense as hell. Some scene are slow-burning with intensity you are going to go when is something going to happen when the least excepted. Villeneuve takes you on the hellish journey and i the end of it you will ask yourself some questions. Emily Blunt here has incarnated the FBI agent brilliantly a FBI agent that goes by the book. Josh Brolin shines here is perfectly cast for this role of the government agent. Benicio Del Toro throws out there the best performance of his life. His character is marked for life, he has been to hell and back you can feel it to the bones pure genius form that actor. It is an on your edge of your seat thriller here well done by Villeneuve.

Sicario (2015)


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