A film by Alain Delon

Cast: Alain Delon, Anne Parillaud, François Périer

Alain Delon here directed this stylish crime Neo-Noir film even adapted the novel plus produced it. Keep in mind it is a slow crime story/thriller that works here. From the wonderful novel byAndré Caroff.

A man is closing his bar 3 other men enters the owner says we are closed. The man says “I just want a beer” the bartender complies. The man ask him a question “where are the diamond? you know Jacques you worked for him where are they?” The bartender gets a beating and escape an other man gets out pull a gun and shoot, he then knots to his boss. Jacques Darnay is getting out of prison. He only knows where he hide the diamonds and when he gets out he has the cops plus the gang who want the diamonds. He return to his old girlfriends after being in jail for 8 years. He finds out that his old friends is in trouble and soon after that things get to deteriorate. Will Jacques get the diamonds and disappear.

Here is a slow paced stylish thriller/Neo-Noir film like I said here is a thief who just got out of jail and as soon as he does he is trying to figure out how to get the diamonds so he get get out of the country, but the cops are on his tale so is a bunch of rival criminals. The film moves along just fine a bit long to me. The acting is great are was expecting it with such star like Delon Anne Parillaud which I love and François Périer an all star cast in this one. Terrific adaptation from the novel by Delon here. I revised it 2 days ago it is the second time that i am seeing it and it goes the distance.

Le battant (1983)


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