gate of flesh

A film by Seijun Suzuki

Cast: Jô Shishido, Kôji Wada, Yumiko Nogawa

It is after the second world war and it is in the slump of a bunch of abandoned building in a chaotic crime area of Tokyo that a bunch of prostitutes living by a strict code resides. Jo Shishido plays  Shintaro Ibuki, a macho renegade former soldier who deals on the black market shack with this gang of women. Maya who is this young woman who is hungry resort to prostitution in order to survive and struggles to find love.

Here is Suzuki master piece  a director who did not listen to the studio and made this renegade film of sex, torture, violent, with nudity and sex scene everything at the time that the studio did not want. The film is colorful as hell there was the wardrobe of the prostitute colors back in the 60’s were bright with some pastel colors in the mixed. Only the strong survive in this business. survival is key here, not too far there is an US military base of course in order to survive the prostate also rob the US soldier of pickpocketing the pocket even robbing them of their watches. It is not your typical crime film here but it has influence directors like John Woo, Quentin Tarantino  and many others. It became a visually stunning cult film. In a way it is an exploitation Japanese film. A pulp story that keeps on ticking as the years goes by and thrust me when I say this film still stand out to this day. That is why I love foreign film it is done differently back then they were not afraid to experiment.

gate of flesh



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