Bébé tigre (2014)

A film by Cyprien Vial

Cast: Harmandeep Palminder, Vikram Sharma, Elisabeth Lando

English Title: Young Tiger. 

It is an immigration tale not the classic kind either but one that is well written, acted and filmed. Here it is in France there is young people from other countries who comes in my country and work although that are illegal aliens, they have a debt that their parents old over their heads and obligated to get a job and sent money every month to their parents.

Here how ti’s work there is the passeur the dude who takes them to France then an other on meets them at the airport takes their passport and puts them in a abounded building to lock them up. An other one comes in and takes them to go to work under the table. Usually in a construction company a small one. The social services suppose to get them put them in school so they get a high school diplomat then try to get them the citizenship. But unfortunately many fall into the cracks because social services are overwhelmed with it.


Punjabi 15-year-old is one of them that puts his feet in France and day one is trying to get a job. You will see his journey thought his eyes. The first thing he is too young to work and Kamal, who becomes a near second father for Many does not want to take him. Social service gets him and gives him a chance to go to school h-earn a degree but he can not work. Punjabi still has to sent money to his family in order to pay the debt so he goes back to Kamal who now give him job. Punjabi quickly finds his way into the work force and Kamal gives him more responsibilities. Punjabi even has a girlfriend at school and seems to do well. But one day a few thing happens and Punjabi is over his head and tries to get out of trouble.

Cyprin Vial first feature film has met how the social people works even the kids who are trying to get work to sent money to their parents avery month and they are getting younger every year. The kids are put in a family where they can stay until the have their citizenship which they will move out eventually and move in to their own apartment very few however succeed. It is an upcoming of age story here and the immigration part is used as a pressure cooker. It is a humanist story, the story of this young man felling the tension. It is a different way of telling an immigration story.

Bébé tigre (2014)


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