The Intern

A film by Nancy Meyers

Cast: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo

Meyers does those film the old school the way they made film back in the 40’s but in today’s theme. She finds way to tell the story like a light hearted dramatic comedy and it works here very well. Robert Deniro is old school here and the legendary actor never disappoint with his acting after all he is the greatest actor of any generation, genius at his craft and my favorite actor.

the intern

Here is a start up company created by Jules (Anne Hathaway) has created an senior intern program. Meanwhile Ben who is a widower and retired gets bored out of his mind. He makes a video of why he want to get this internship. Ben just wants to work again and be with other people but the technology he does not know too much of. Once he gets the internship then old-school meet New age. Well for instance the old-school shaves every day wears suit and ties at work, carries a brief case tuck in your shirt, and keep a handkerchief in case a lady needs it. New age well you know that one already. You see here old-school is learning from new age and vice versa. Even the young man are teaching ben how to use the technology. Jules on the other hand is overwhelm with her company so Ben offers her his services. Jules is bit guilty about working too much even has a staying home husband who takes care of the kid.

The film is about the relationship about ben and jules not there is no romance here just being friend with a mentorship that will develop later on. Anne incarnated the role very well plus the chemistry of the two actors is there. Meyers put more situation in the mix smart move there. It is like adding spices to a meals it is going to taste better.


One response to “THE INTERN (2015)

  1. I hope to see The Intern soon. I’ve always found Nancy Meyer’s work charming and I like storylines featuring different generations paired together and learning from one another. You can’t go wrong with De Niro!

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