MON ROI (2015)


A film by Maïwenn

Cast: Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Bercot, Louis Garrel

English Title: My King

Following a violent ski fall, Tony, in her 40’s, is admitted to a rehabilitation center. During the first days of her stay, a psychologist suggests that her knee injury could be indicative of pain buried in the unconscious, linked to a long history which it would be difficult to overcome. While recovering, Tony will remember the passionate and tumultuous history she lived with a man named Georgio …

The face of Tony is marque with emotional scar, one of the scenes to put us on track. We see that she is recovering from a hellish love story and she continues to bear the scars. It is through intense flashbacks that Maïwenn tells us that devouring and destructive passionate love story.

It seems to me that Maïwenn gives little motivation to the actors and let them improvised from time to time. The natural sweat of the film roll is exacerbated by the performance of the actors. Emmanuelle Bercot who won the award prix d’interprétation feminine cannons passes from happiness to malaise very easily which ad realism into her performance. Vincent Cassel could of been better here he added his charisma and charm into his character. Georgio does everything in excess and he is very dramatic plus, he owns a restaurant. He is toxic and of course I am going with the expression love is blind here. Here is Tony who is blind and believes all the bullshit that Tony tells her. She is intoxicated by him. Also Tony insist to start over on a good note which of course does not help.

Because Mon roi is the point of view of a woman who is lost into this relationship like I said love is blind. Of course there is humor into it with Louis Garrel who is trying to get her out and see reason. Here is a film with an obsessed parasite who breaks up with his wife after being away for a while want to renew the relationship. A terrific film from Maïwenn who directed Polisse in 2011. Well you know the old saying Love has its reasons which reason knows nothing.

mon roi

mon roi


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