THE WALK (2015)

the walk

A film by Robert Zemeckis

Cast:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon, Guillaume Baillargeon

The true amazing story of French high-wire artiste Philippe Petit who set up in 1974 a wire between the two tower of the world trade center and walk on the wire and back again.

It has been made in a documentary a few years back and now in a film. I saw it in 3D I recommend the 3D big time it is much better there. Phillipe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) had accomplices in order to get the job done. Annie (Charlotte Le Bon),  becomes the first of Philippe’s accomplices. Joining them are a photographer named Jean-Louis (Clément Sibony) and a math whiz named Jean-François (César Domboy), who is afraid of heights. Philippe’s mentor is Czech funambulist played  by Ben Kingsley. There are so many problems to solve: security guards to evade, equipment to test, disguises to wear. Talking about getting lucky in getting in. It is like a heist film but I wish that Zemeckis has put in a little more suspense and tension but the rest is fine. Petit said to Gordon-Levitt if you think you are going to fall you will but if you think you are not you won’t. Petit was focus and well-trained plus I think he was gifted to do what he does. His concentration is unbelievable you would have to be ,plus when you see it in 3D you will feel it the vertigo that is you can imagine how hard that is what he did and how focused dedicated you would have to be. Charlotte Le Bon steal the show here what a terrific actress she has become. There is one thing that they left out from the documentary the reason that Annie left in that Philipe cheated her with an other woman, the woman who kissed him when he got out of the meat wagon for what ever reason the director left it out. The film is fun to watch but you can help to think how impossible it is not for Phillipe Petit nothing is impossible.

the walk



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